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Everything Simplified • Integrated Platform • Pro-active Management

The TOTAMS features and functionality comprehensively addresses Asset and Fleet Management needs and requirements across industries. TOTAMS empower users to effectively and efficiently manage and control all aspects of their assets and relevant business activities.

New & Improved

TOTAMS recently presented the new modern and edgy look and feel version of the system, called Telerik. This is the innovative toolset for the next-generation line of asset management software.

In addition to the remarkable potential of this platform as well as excellent presentation technologies, the Telerik version provides a high-performance, visually appealing and highly customizable shortcut to the world of engaging user experiences, but with the same functionalities that the TOTAMS users have come to love.

With new developments continuingly on the way, the Telerik version is sure to keep TOTAMS users excited about what’s to come.


Looking to create company uniqueness? Look no further! TOTAMS has found a way for users to be more individually independent and to be able to create their own unique content, because TOTAMS knows that every company is unique and deserves their own unique content.

Using the “Modules” menu in the system, users can now easily add and/or edit a lot of the drop down items and information to their liking, without any hassles.

Keep calm and do it yourself.

New kid on the block

TOTAMS is working on something that will change the world of fuel management forever.

Inter-Fuel is the exiting new simple-to-use fuel management system for fixed and mobile bowser applications that captures and processes fuel dispensing and bulk storage transactions, enabling you to monitor and manage your fleet’s fuel consumption in real time from anywhere in the world.

Keep your eyes open for the product launch later this year.