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Everything Simplified • Integrated Platform • Pro-active Management

The TOTAMS features and functionality comprehensively addresses Asset and Fleet Management needs and requirements across industries. TOTAMS empower users to effectively and efficiently manage and control all aspects of their assets and relevant business activities.

Totams Consulting

Management Consulting

Asset management is a science incorporating several disciplines including engineering, finance, human resource management, traffic legislation and information technology. It is a process which allows organisations to minimise the risks associated with asset investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall operations costs, and ensuring compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements (duty of care).

Asset management is not only restricted to managing individual assets, but also includes the daily management of operations, maintenance (e.g. fuel, tyres, workshops), crew members, suppliers and clients. Successful asset management is therefore not only dependent on reliable systems, but also on a well-defined asset management strategy and well defined and documented processes and policies and procedures in the asset environment.

Our specialist consultants, with decades of financial and operational asset and fleet management experience, provide comprehensive consulting services to our clients, including (but not limited to):

  • Auditing and advisory reports
  • Formulation of asset and fleet management strategies,
  • Development and implementation of asset and fleet management processes and policies and procedures,
  • Strategic consulting services for optimised asset and fleet operations, e.g. acquisitions, replacement policies, optimising of operations and maintenance activities, etc.,
  • Application of world best practices in asset management methodologies, and
  • Retainer services for continued review and updating of processes, and policies and to stay abreast of changes and challenges in the asset management environment.

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Totams Training


Our training services assist asset and fleet owners as well as operators in order to optimise their operations efficiencies in two areas, namely specialist Asset and Fleet Management training and TOTAMS system training.

  1. Specialist Asset and Fleet Management training

    Our specialist consultants can assist with focused and specialist training for asset and fleet management personnel from executive (e.g. operations director) or management (e.g. workshop manager) level down to operators (e.g. logistics clerks).

  2. TOTAMS system training

    Our TOTAMS implementation teams include skilled trainers with detailed knowledge of all the TOTAMS platform features and functionality. Training of TOTAMS users can be customised according to client specific requirements to provide group or one-on-one training from executives and managers to operators.

    System training is part and parcel of any TOTAMS implementation to ensure that all users of the platform fully understand the features and functionality of the platform modules that they will be using. Additional training is provided for new users and/or when required for refresher purposes.

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Totams Development

TOTAMS Customisation

It is of extreme importance to us that our clients derive maximum value out of TOTAMS. Therefore, we allow for a high level of customisation of dashboards and reports to address specific client and user requirements. Customising of TOTAMS can also include the development and implementation of bespoke features and functionality for clients, e.g. dashboards and web forms for concrete batching plants with interfacing to the Operations and Logistics modules for production distribution management.

3rd Party Software Interfacing

TOTAMS is an integrated asset and fleet management platform. To ensure that TOTAMS users have full visibility and control to all aspects and information related to asset and fleet management, the open architecture design of the platform facilitates 3rd party interfacing to just about any external software platform that allows data sharing, including ERP, WMS and Telematics systems, and many more.

Such 3rd party interfacing with TOTAMS allows for the automation of numerous tasks across business functions in any organisation, resulting in improved operating efficiencies, accurate transaction processing and document control, and much more. Examples 3rd party interfacing functionality and benefits include:

  • Bulk fuel systems – transaction data for refuelling of assets and replenishing of fuel stock is automatically imported and processed in TOTAMS, and linked to Events, Notifications, Reports and cost allocations.
  • Clocking systems – transaction data for employees’ shift start/end is automatically imported and processed in TOTAMS, and linked to employees and cost allocations.
  • ERP systems – bi-directional data sharing allows for the creation of quotes, invoices and purchase orders in TOTAMS with official documents being generated in the ERP system for accurate accounting practices.
  • Telematics systems – event data from Telematics systems (vehicle tracking software) is imported and processed in TOTAMS, and linked to Events, Notifications and Exceptions, e.g. over-speeding, harsh braking, geofence transgressions, and after hours driving.

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