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Everything Simplified ē Integrated Platform ē Pro-active Management

The TOTAMS features and functionality comprehensively addresses Asset and Fleet Management needs and requirements across industries. TOTAMS empower users to effectively and efficiently manage and control all aspects of their assets and relevant business activities.

Benefits - TOTAMS ticks all your boxes!

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  • TOTAMS is Asset Management Simplified read more

    Live dashboards provide visibility to the exact state of assets at a glance.

    Detailed reports on all required aspects of asset management (e.g. cost per kilometre, cost per hour, income per kilometre, burn rates etc. for fleet owners)

    Seamless integration with almost any 3rd party software platform for automation of import/export and processing of financials, fuel cards etc.

    TOTAMS is web-based, which means users can access it from anywhere in the world and whenever necessary, and users require no additional infrastructure or IT specialists, just log in and start working.

    Management and Administration through a single source platform (TOTAMS) with expert asset management and support from a single solutions provider.

    Low asset-based monthly operating costs, with unlimited access to all modules and unlimited users

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  • Total Control and Visibility read more

    Regardless of the type, size, complexity and geographical spread of an organisationís assets, TOTAMS offers total control by delivering key performance and management information to the userís desktop anywhere in the world, any time of the day.

    The TOTAMS asset management platform with customisable user interface (e.g. management dashboards and system driven alerts and notifications) together with open architecture 3rd party interfacing (e.g. ERP, financial, telematics software) provides a single platform for visibility and management of assets.

    Gain complete control of your fleet - acquisitions, replacements, disposals, maintenance, operations (including tracking), logistics, manifests, financials, customers, suppliers, stock, personnel, rentals and so much more.

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  • Total Fleet and Asset Management read more

    TOTAMS provides an integrated management platform for a wide range of assets, including (but not limited to) any vehicle fleet, buildings & offices, office equipment & furniture, and construction and agricultural equipment. TOTAMS even caters for the most important asset of any organisation, its employees

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  • Total Asset Cost Control & Guaranteed Cost Reductions read more

    The combination of several decades of experience and world best practices in asset and fleet management delivers in TOTAMS a comprehensive platform that offers unsurpassed management and control functionality.

    Each asset is the central entity in TOTAMS and is treated as an SBU (Small Business Unit) with the attributes of a cost centre, profit centre or both.

    The result is optimised asset and fleet management, including detailed cost control of individual asset level and guaranteed overall operational cost reduction.

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  • Data Management & Valuation read more

    TOTAMS work flows, business rules and integrated business intelligence continuously monitors and evaluates operational data against defined performance criteria, i.e. when all operations are in order, no flags are raised, and when an exception occurs to an established business rule or acceptable condition of operation, a flag, action, or report is raised.

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  • Operations Benefits read more

    Real time workflows (business rules) and exception reporting allow pro-active response designed for risk and cost management. Achieve increased operational efficiency as a result of maintenance planning and scheduling and delivery routing and scheduling. Improve safety of vehicles, drivers and loads.

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  • Financial Benefits read more

    Optimise vehicle operating & maintenance costs through detailed information of management cost factors including fuel, tyres, batteries, labour, maintenance and other cost contributors. Obtain visibility of all financial aspects throughout asset/vehicle lifecycle. Automated comparison of actual operating cost versus owner and industry benchmarks allows real-time management of operating costs. Optimal sourcing by buying the right asset/vehicle at the right price for the job required

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  • Management Benefits read more

    The TOTAMS dashboards and reports provides reliable, real time management information for informed decision making on all business levels.

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Assets Management
Assets Management Assets

The advanced TOTAMS Asset Register allows users to capture and manage any type of asset on the platform, including linked objects. Manage individual asset lifecycles in detail from acquisition to disposal with functionality. System analysis of each asset assists with decision making on disposal of non-profitable assets. The Asset Management module features include:

  • Asset Register

    Manage fixed and mobile assets, including fleets, buildings, accessories (e.g. tarpaulins, chain links), tools etc.

  • Certificates

    Manage any ďcertificatesĒ, including expiry dates and automated notifications, e.g. licenses, vehicle registrations etc.

  • Maintenance and Service Plans

    Setup, configure and manage maintenance and service plans with distance and/or time interval options.

  • Service Scheduling

    Detailed management of Allocations (with vehicle specific drag-and-drop diagrams, Tyre Surveys, Scrapping Analysis and automated distance tracking.

  • Recurring Costs

    Manage recurring costs for assets, e.g. finance/lease instalments, insurance premiums, etc. with customisable systems based rates tables.

  • Fuel

    Manage and control all fuel related transactions, including importing of fleet statements from banks and automated in-house bulk storage management through 3rd party interfacing capability. Automated reporting and alerts for fraud and other fuel related incidents.

  • Tyres

    Detailed management of Allocations (with vehicle specific drag-and-drop diagrams, Tyre Surveys, Scrapping Analysis and automated distance tracking.

  • Incidents

    Detailed recording and management of Accidents, Insurance Claims, etc., including uploading of electronics documents

  • Fines

    See Fines in Operations Management.

Assets Management
Maintanance Management Assets

Ensure that asset availability and operating efficiency is maximised with the sophisticated TOTAMS Maintenance Management module. Details of the full maintenance lifecycle for each asset is managed and available with bookings, alerts, authorisations and detailed costs.

Tools for effective maintenance management in this module include

  • Checklists

    Create and edit customised Checklist templates for various activities, e.g. pre- and post- work inspections.

  • Maintenance Types

    Create and manage maintenance jobs, including user defined maintenance types, creating, editing and specifying maintenance items (parts), prioritising with colour coding etc.

  • Job Cards

    Create and manage job cards any work done by internal and/or external workshops

  • Bookings

    Manage bookings for scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance and repair jobs with start and end dates and duration for costing

  • Workshop

    Create and edit internal and external Workshops for easy reference and job allocations

    Workshop management functionality includes detailed job cards, resource allocation, automated Purchase Orders for parts ordering (with integrated inventory module for automated parts costing on job cards), and more.

  • Stores

    Management and control of production and maintenance inventory, including minimum stock levels, automated pricing and cost models.

Assets Management
People Management Assets

Manage human resources (People) involved in any activities related to asset and/or fleet activities through automated alerts (e.g. license expiries), incident and disciplinary management, exception reporting and paperless leave management. Manage how assets are used and minimise abuse with integrated reporting of various activities, e.g. driver behaviour. Features of the People module include:

  • Details

    Capture and manage relevant and necessary personal information of personnel, e.g. contact numbers and address, next of kin etc.

  • Certificates

    Manage any ďcertificatesĒ, including expiry dates and automated notifications, e.g. driversí licenses, PDPís (professional driving permit), special operating permits (e.g. heavy machinery on mines) etc

  • Rates

    Set up and manage customisable Rates Tables for daily our hourly labour rates, to use for cost management.

  • Recurring Costs

    Manage recurring costs for People, e.g. allowances.

  • Incidents

    Record and manage incidents (e.g. accidents, fines, driver behaviour), and link with Disciplinary activities if required.

  • Exceptions

    Automated recording and reporting of driver behaviour transgressions (when vehicle tracking software is interfaced with TOTAMS)

  • Disciplinary

    Manage Disciplinary records, including incidents, hearings, etc. with ability to upload electronic records to individual events.

  • Fines

    See Fines in Operations Management.

  • Leave Management

    Plan, schedule and manage leave for employees.

Assets Management
Operations Management Assets

Intelligently record, manage and control all operational aspects and utilisation of individual Assets, People and ancillaries and accessories (e.g. fuel cards, tarpaulin covers) used with or by Assets and People, including:

  • Allocations

    Manage asset allocations to jobs with management of internal and/or external contracts including Rate Cards for costing and customer invoicing.

  • Alerts and Notifications

    Set up and manage customisable Alerts and Notifications for management and escalation of work flows using the TOTAMS business rules

  • Incidents

    Record and manage incidents when they occur and link to Assets and/or People e.g. accidents, fines, insurance claims, injuries, on duty or customer compliments or complaints.

  • Exceptions

    Real-time management of exceptions through automated alerts for various activities, e.g. driver behaviour and fuel transaction abnormalities.

  • Fines

    Record and manage any fines, and allocate to appropriate Assets and/or People. The TOTAMS Fines module includes all-inclusive functionality to manage and redirect AARTO including calculations, confirmations and Help information

  • Real-time asset/vehicle tracking

    Monitor and control asset/vehicle movement via real-time tracking with a direct link to web-based user interface of Telematics service providers.

NOTE: availability of this feature is subject to 3rd party interfacing of the tracking website with TOTAMS.

Assets Management
Logistics Management Assets

Achieve optimise management and control of logistics activities with powerful planning, scheduling and workflow processing tools. Features and functionality of the Logistics Management module include:

  • Work Orders

    Generate and manage Work Orders for tracking and control of customer orders, consignment etc.

  • Loads

    Create loads from Work Orders for customer consignments and allocate Trips for shipping.

  • Trips

    Create and manage Trips with Loads from linking to available Assets and People, through managing shipping using Locations and Routes and Budget Checklists to final delivery and debriefing.

  • Locations

    Create and manage locations (including town and street address details and GPS details for managing collections and deliveries with Trips.

  • Routes

    Create and manage fixed routes for quick and easy creating of repeating Trips.

  • Budget Checklist

    Manage cash advances for fuel, toll gates, border fees etc., with multi-currency functionality.

  • Asset Trip Registry

    Manage PODís (proof of delivery) with support for electronic and/or physical POD documents.

  • Trip Lifecycle

    Single point of access for all trip information and documentation including briefing/debriefing, Asset and People allocations, costs, trip checklists and budget-checklist, manifests, pallets and customer reports.

  • Pallet Planning

    Management the movement and internal and/or external pallets used for transporting.

  • Cross-border Operations

    Manage cross-border shipping and logistics, including Agents, multi-currency expenses with automatic exchange rate calculator and system generated customs documents (e.g. manifests and customs declaration forms).

  • Warehouses

    Manage clientsí consignments, including booking in/out of warehouses with delivery notes and GRV and link to Loads and Trips.

Assets Management
Financial Management Assets

The TOTAMS Financial Management module allows users to track every single financial transaction per assets to reflect profits and losses on an individual asset or consolidated basis. Monetise assets with the TOTAMS Rate Cards and Rental facilities, manage clients and suppliers with workflows and business rules, accurately model any logical business and asset structure regardless of asset and business size and complexity, and much more. Core functions of this module include:

  • Clients

    Create and manage Client information, including address and contact details and payment status.

  • Suppliers

    Create and manage Supplier information, including address and contact details and payment terms and bank details

  • Rate Cards

    Create, manage and configure rate cards per client for individual client invoicing requirements, including Route Rate Cards, Zone Rate Cards, Allocation Rate Cards and Contract Rate Cards.

  • Quotations

    Create and manage customer quotes.

  • Invoices

    Create, manage and automate customer invoices according to trip, route, rental, rate card and other information from various TOTAMS modules.

  • Purchase Orders

    Create and manage supplier purchase orders, including authorisations, GRVís (goods received vouchers) and supplier invoices.

  • Costs

    Manage and control internal and external fuel and pallet costs

  • Targets

    Manage revenue, cost and production targets for individual assets and/or consolidated per business unit.

  • Asset Lifecycle

    Full visibility individual asset lifecycles through management of acquisitions, disposals, depreciation, cost and revenue allocations, and Replacement Analysis & Policies

  • Exchange Rates

    Create and manage currency exchange rates for accurate daily cost and revenue calculations.

  • Financial Periods

    Set and manage financial periods per individual organisational requirements.

Assets Management
Control and Visibility Assets

The TOTAMS Integrated Platform including the functional modules of TOTAMS (Assets, People, Operations, Logistics and Finance) enables total control and visibility of all Assets and People and related activities and transactions.

TOTAMS delivers integrated management information for real-time decision making, and Pro-active Management and the result is: Everything Simplified.

This is achieved on four functional levels

  1. Workflows and Business Rules

    Intelligent use of work flows and business rules is the foundation of integrating and sharing information between the TOTAMS modules.

    Real-time analysis and processing of transactional data input when entered ensures automated events, notifications and alerts which are escalated to the appropriate recipients for action.

  2. Dashboards

    The TOTAMS Home Screen is the management dashboard for any platform user. Here a user has the ability to take direct action for any required activities and/or drill-down into information as required. Events, notifications and alerts are generated and displayed here, and will remain on this screen unless appropriate action is taken by the relevant person, e.g. acknowledging an alert, executing a task related to an event or notification.

    TOTAMS also has several BI (business intelligence) reporting dashboards that can be configured according to specific user requirements Ė e.g. Budgets vs Actual Expenditure, Production performance, Operations, Financial etc.

  3. Reports

    The TOTAMS platform includes a range of ďstandardĒ reports for administrative, operations and management reporting across all platform modules in table and or graph format. Users are able to generate reports for a wide range of selection and/or filtering criteria, e.g. individual or groups of assets or persons, asset types, transaction types, user selected date ranges etc.

    The reports can be customised for specific user requirements and/or additional bespoke reports can be built and included for users of the TOTAMS platform.

  4. Third Party Interfacing

    TOTAMS was designed and developed with ďopen architectureĒ data structures, specifically to allow for easy 3rd party interfacing and bi-directional data sharing between TOTAMS and external applications and their data sources.

    This allows for integration between business functions, and examples include:

    • for Invoices and Purchase Orders generated in TOTAMS are shared with financial system (e.g. Sage Evolution) to generate official financial documents from the financial system.
    • Fleet statements from banks are received in electronic format (e.g. text or MS-Excel) and can be directly imported into TOTAMS.

    Although TOTAMS already boasts with interfacing to several applications and other data sources, we can interface with almost any ERP, WMS and Telematics or other 3rd party application that facilitates data sharing.

Totams Assets Asset Totams Assets Maintanance Totams Assets People Totams Assets Operations Totams Assets Logistic Totams Assets Finance Totams Assets Control
  • Asset Register
  • Certificates & Licences
  • Maintenance & Service Plans
  • Service Scheduling
  • Recurring Costs
  • Rates & Cost allocations
  • Fuel management
  • Tyre management
  • Incident management
  • Fines management
  • Checklists
  • Maintenance types
  • Job cards
  • Bookings & scheduling
  • Workshop management
  • Stores management, including parts and tools
  • Authorisation levels
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Cost allocations & management
  • Personal Details
  • Certificates & Licenses
  • Recurring Costs
  • Rates & Cost allocation
  • Incidents management
  • Exceptions management
  • Disciplinary management
  • Fines management
  • Leave management
  • Allocations - Assets & People
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Incident management
  • Exceptions management
  • Fines management
  • Real-time Tracking (subject to 3rd party interface)
  • Work Orders
  • Loads management
  • Trips management
  • Locations and Routes management
  • Checklists
  • Asset Trip Registry
  • Trip Lifecycle management
  • Pallet management
  • Cross-border operations management
  • Warehouse management
  • Finance management
  • Supplier management
  • Rate Cards
  • Client Quotations and Invoicing
  • Supplier Purchase Orders
  • Cost management
  • Budget and Target performance reviews and analysis
  • Asset Lifecycle management
  • Multi-currency & Exchange Rates
  • Financial Periods
  • Intelligent Workflows & Business Rules
  • Real-time data analysis for Alerts, Notifications, Exceptions
  • Home Screen for Event & Notification, direct action and drilldown
  • Customisable BI Dashboards
  • More than 70 system Reports
  • Customisable and bespoke Reports
  • 3rd Party Interfacing with ERP, WMS, Telematics systems
TAMS cloud diagram

Cloud-based Solution

  • Rapid deployment across geographically dispersed user infrastructure
  • Minimised infrastructure & deployment cost
  • Cross-platform access for users (PC, notebook, smart devices)
  • Hosted solution with 1st world data & infrastructure management, and redundancy
  • Best practice application of data management and compression technologies to optimise client-server data transfer
  • Immediate availability of software updates, new features and platform customising for users when released in hosting environment


  • Best practice application and utilisation of 1st world technology for user level access control and platform security
  • Best practice application and use of 1st world technology for hosted data security & integrity
  • Internationally recognized secure hosting environment for infrastructure & data security

3rd Party Interfacing

  • Open architecture design and APIís for 3rd party interfacing with ERP, WMS, Telematics and other data sharing platforms
  • Existing interfaces with Sage Evolution, Sage X3, AccPac, Omnibooks, SAP, various Telematics providers.