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Financial System

For day-to-day accounting tasks to asset management, TOTAMS is a turn-key solution for your business!

In need of a single management solution for your business accounting needs? Looking for an uncomplicated software to manage your company assets? Switch to TOTAMS today!

Being a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, TOTAMS auto-converts data to financial transactions so that you can see important information such as balances, profit and loss, and so much more. Our financial management system helps you to connect operations across your business. By connecting all teams with our single solution, you can comprehensively start to manage your business and therefore unlock both productivity and business insights, all while increasing your financial visibility and performance.

Track every single financial transaction per asset with this unique feature on the TOTAMS software and make well-informed business decisions. TOTAMS Rate Cards, also included in this financial feature, allows you to monetise your assets by recording and tracking data on categories such as rental facilities, client management, workflows and business rule, and much more.

Accurately model your logistical business and asset structure, regardless of the size or complexity.

What the Financial Management System of TOTAMS offers:

  1. Clients – including automated invoicing and quotes
  2. Suppliers – including delegation of authority on procurement processes
  3. Cashbooks – including debit order set-up and reconciliation features
  4. Ledger Accounts – including drill-downs on source documents
  5. Account’s Functionalities – including trail balances, profit and loss accounts and balance sheets
  6. Budgets – including graph display functionalities on purchase orders for quick references regarding available budgeted funds
  7. Dashboards – including a live cash flow display on a ongoing daily basis
  8. Reports – standard financial reports including business intelligence graphs and reports
  9. HR – including fully integrated payroll system

Reports available in the TOTAMS Financial Management System:

A variety of reports are available on sub-modules such as cashbooks, clients, ledger, quotes, and suppliers. The TOTAMS software conveniently offers on-screen reports such as Budget Cost Reports, Client Invoice Reports, Warehouse Stock Reports, and more.

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Core Group & Totams signed a partnership to provide a fully Blockchain Based One Stop Asset Management and Accounting Solution.